Canada India Institutional Cooperation Project

Canada India Institutional Cooperation Project is a novel project sponsored by DOTE to enhance the soft skills of the students by conducting
Continuing Education Programmes, Short Term Training Programmes and skill oriented programmes at affordable cost. These programmes can also be conducted for the benfit of the community at large to improve the employability skills of the youngsters. The revenue earned helps in improving the infrastructural facilities for the conduct of various programmes covering the faculty develepment, Women in development, Environment development, Management information system and other thrust areas which contibute for the alround development of the Institution. Participants completing the programmes are issued with certificates by Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Tamilnadu which enhances the employability skills and increases job oppurtunities.

Based on SWOT analysis Statergic planning document is prepared. This document is subject to change based on the needs. Activites based on the planned document are being executed by CIICP.

Short term course offerd

1. English communication made easy

2. Servicing of Electrical Domestic Appliances

3. Computer Hardware Servicing

4. Ms Office & Internet surffing

5. AutoCAD

6. Revit Architechture

7. Pro-e

8. Solid works